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Group Buying - how does it work?
Group Deals - how does this work?

One of the best areas of functionality found at GROUPBUY DIRECT is the ability of buyers to group together to access amazing deals. As a buying group is formed - centred around specific deals - powerful savings are able to be achieved. Most deals allow for goods to be sourced direct from factories based offshore  - paying little more than the manufacturing cost! 

Tell me about Bulk Deals?

Looking for bulk deals - deals that provide access to more than one item at a time? Bulk deals provide access to a whole bunch of assorted deals - from a wide range of categories - some ideal for the home - and others ideal for commercial use. Use the sort functionality to view the type of deal that interests you.

Why are the goods so cheap?

We do things differently - intentionally - to ensure Group particpants save money. First, we do not hold stock, and second, we drive all costs down to the absolute minimum. The Group works with a broad range of mainly offshore manufacturers - where goods fall under our direct-manufacturing arrangement - where we gather together buyer orders, and once we have sufficient orders - we move the order into production - specifically for you. This is what we refer to as the DIRECT SOURCING MODEL - and this model allows buyers to enjoy factory-direct costs. Other goods come from end-of-line stock, close-out deals, excess inventory, cancelled orders - and pre-mass production items requiring product testers. Often these deals are UNDER production cost - as factories take a 'clear-out at any cost' attitude.

What are supply Hubs?

The Group works with Supply Hubs based in various global locations. Supply Hubs are operated by members of our executive team, are independently owned and operated, and focus on product supply, control of manufacturing processes, logistics operations, and after-sales service. Each Supply Hub is represented by a New Zealand based Product Manager. 

Tell me about the Construct of GROUPBUY DIRECT?

GROUPBUY DIRECT is a platform to connect buyers and sellers. GROUPBUY DIRECT does not buy, or sell goods - but is a specialised service to connect personal and commercial buyers based throughout New Zealand with our approved Supply Hubs - based globally. Historically, it has been difficult for individuals, or small businesses to make purchases of large chunky goods from offshore locations. Our executive team have put a structure in place to permit pre-approved Supply Hubs to provide access to a wide-range of goods to people based right throught New Zealand.

My Account Manager
Just what can our Account Manager do?

We are currently establishing a network of Account Managers throughout New Zealand. Each Account Manager is assigned to a region. You will be assigned a personal Account Manager - who will will be there to advise and assist you with any issues that arise. 

Payments & Refunds
I paid for a deal and want to cancel - now what?

Fairness and transparancy to buyers is important to the club founders. So we thought long and hard about these issues and made the following decisions that apply to all buyers - including executive members and staff.  If, for some reason, GROUPBUY DIRECT cancels the deal - ANY FUNDS YOU HAVE HAVE PAID WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU IN FULL - to the bank account that you have detailed under your User Account, or to the Credit Card which you used to make the initial purchase. We will notify you of the decision to cancel the deal and make refund payments without delay - without deducitng ANY costs. If a buyer wishes to withdraw from a deal - BEFORE THE DEAL IS CLOSED OR GONE INTO PRODUCTION - we will return the funds - no questions asked - to the bank account that you have detailed under your User Account - less an amount of 1.5% of the total value of the deal - to cover costs. If a deal has already been closed, or gone into production - we cannot cancel a deal. Remember, these deals are specifically made for you and that is why we cannot cancel deals in production. These basic condtions exist to protect all buyers - Group Members only benefit when we work as a group. 

How do I pay for goods?

We work with Payment Express - New Zealand's leading payment gateway used by huge retail organisations throughout the country, and Paypal - a global payment gateway previously owned by eBay - processing some $360b NZD per annum. In order to reduce costs for all buyers, we prefer the use the low-cost bank transfer system. As you go through the payment process - where you will be redirected to your own bank where you can authorise the payment with your own user name and password. GROUPBUY DIRECT does not have access to this information. Air New Zealand uses this same payment solution for customers buying air tickets. Alternatively, Credit Cards may be accepted - with the processing cost recovered during the payment process.

Selling - Can I work with GROUPBUY DIRECT?
Tell me how I can sell through GROUPBUY DIRECT?

GROUPBUY DIRECT is a place for AMAZING DEALS for both personal buyers and commercial buyers. If you feel you have the right kind of product or service at the kind of price that will bring a WOW factor to the group - then touch base with us - let's talk.

Shipping & Delivery
Tell me more?

Your goods are placed in a container at one of our International Loading Zones - together with goods for other Group members from other manufacturers. Once your conatiner is full - we place the container on a container ship - and once that ship sets sail -it takes anywhere from 15 to 28 days to arrive in the New Zealand port. The container is then devanned, and goods placed in delivery vehicles - and delivery made to you without delay.

Who pays import duties and GST?

GROUPBUY DIRECT attends to all duties, custom import requirements, and GST payments. The Group contracts with a number of professional companies throughout New Zealand to ensure your goods are delivered to you without delay. GST invoices are issued to you for your purchases - and these may be used when completing GST returns with the Inland Revenue Department.

Are the goods covered by warranty?

Each offer is unique in regards to any warranty, or ability to access after-sales-service. The Group works with a broad range of mainly offshore-based manufacturers. Our goods generally fall under our direct-manufacturing arrangement - where we gather buyer orders and once we have sufficient orders - we move the order into production specifically for you. Other goods come from end-of-line stock, close-out deals, excess inventory, cancelled orders - and pre-mass production items requiring product testers. Therefore, some items can be provided with a warranty and others cannot. It is really important that you read the terms and conditions in regards to warranty matters - listed under each specific deal. If a warranty is really important to you - then please do not purchase items that are not supplied with a warranty. Our Group seeks to be different - and give buyer the choice to pay high prices which include full service - or pay factory-direct costs - which result in all Group members sharing in the risk of the product. However, in having stated what we can and cannot do - even for a non-warranty item - we will still do our best to solve any issues that arise.

Do you have Service Centres for repairs?

We are working to create stable lines of products that are able to be serviced by our network of approximately 1900 Service Centres based throughout New Zealand and Australia. A number of our items are in our pre-mass production phase - which will result in lines of products being available to purchase with full after-sales service agreements. We will make announcements as these product lines are relaeased.


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