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Welcome to our buying group - GroupBuy DIRECT! Our goal is to facilitate everyday New Zealand people and small businesses to buy products direct from factories situated throughout the world. We do this by forming BUYING GROUPS around individual product offers, and once we have gathered sufficient buyers together, our partnering factories go ahead and specifically manufacture those items for our group - at factory-direct prices. We cater to both the private and commercial sectors.


Our executive team is based in Australasia, Europe, and Asia - bringing substantial experience in product manufacture and distribution - including handling orders of tens of thousands of containers per year of goods for huge USA and European department stores, together with handling manufacturing projects for assorted global organisations. In short, we know what we’re doing.


What's cool about the BUYING GROUP?


  • All of us who buy SAVE
  • Ability to access many original and specialty goods
  • We are changing HOW we buy goods - we all benefit
  • We are strongly community-focused, and work closely with community groups to assist in fundraising campaigns


The future of the BUYING GROUP is just getting better!


Mark Slattery, Founder of GROUPBUY DIRECT, says “I have travelled around the planet 52 times, and during these travels, have seen amazing products from the continents of Europe, Asia and beyond. I wondered if there was a better way to make those goods available to ordinary people. I had many years of experience in project manufacturing - mainly in China, and could speak Mandarin fluently. So I gathered together my manufacturing colleagues, and developed the BUYING GROUP. I also buy with the group - direct from the factory, getting exactly what I want at prices not available in the local market.”


Go to the Registration Page to create your own account. We look forward to working with you!


Mark Slattery

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