GROUPBUY DIRECT seeks to gather together personal and commercial buyers from throughout New Zealand - to access goods as a group - direct from global manufacturers. Our executive team has extensive experience in working with European, United States, and Asian distribution channels. Our group exports large numbers of goods planet-wide and has extensive manufacturing partnerships accross China – and beyond.




It works like this – create a free account with GROUPBUY DIRECT by going to the registration page. Once registered, you can go shopping. Your purchase will connect you with SUPPLY HUBS in various global locations. Each SUPPLY HUB works with local manufacturing partners. We provide the platform, and payment solutions, and work with local New Zealand companies to arrange import procedures, delivery of goods, and invoicing services. Purchases are not made with GROUPBUY DIRECT – but made between the BUYER and the SUPPLY HUB - with which you choose to work.




Many of our deals require a number of buyers to gather together to form a group in order to allow the goods to enter the manufacturing phase. Once the group is formed, then that particuliar deal is LIVE. It is often impossible for factories to set up production for one or two items, and that is why we often need to form a group - to meet miniumum order quantity requirements. So, you may need to be patient for some products to commence manufacturing. Remember, it can take 2-4 weeks to make goods in a factory, and another 18-21 days to ship those goods to New Zealand. Therefore, if you want to secure the best price, and you are prepared to wait – then you are going to love GROUPBUY DIRECT!




We sought, not only to provide deals for the home, but also to provide Commercial Deals on a business to business level. As a commercial buyer, you can refine your search to show only commercial deals, and/or bulk deals – such as stock clear-outs, end-of-line deals, and deals that are only able to be purchased in wholesale quantities – cartons, or other units of measure. GROUPBUY DIRECT is the ideal place to source product, not only for internal consumption, but also for re-sale.

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