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GROUPBUY DIRECT ("GBD") is establishing Regional Offices - based throughout New Zealand - who report directly to the "GBD" National HQ. Each Regional Office employs numbers of Account Managers - who work closely with our Product Managers. Each Product Manager specialises in specific ranges of product categories and acts as a resource in the sales process. Account Managers generally specialise in specific ranges of categories.


The work of Account Managers - in association with the local Regional Office - is to work with local buyers, businesses and community organisations - in a consulting role - to facilitate the buying process. You may work with clients for sales of standard-lines of products, alternatively, you may, on occasions, work on projects involving a specific manufacture-to-order contract. Projects can involve a multi-month project timeline; where you will often work starting from the concept stage, developing designs and samples, before ultimately moving into mass-production. We consistently seek to ensure significant tangible financial savings are able to be achieved as we join buyers into BUYING GROUPS to achieve cost-down.


The role also involves utilising social network tools, being the face of GBD in the local community, and at times facilitating Community Organisations to achieve fundraising goals through the GBD online marketing tools - 'Promote a Cause'.


If you are entrepreneurial, forward-looking, have a reasonable understanding of social-network marketing – and enjoy working in the sales area through a consultative process for projects that often take an extended period of time to complete - then this is a great opportunity. The roles are commission based – and the rewards you reap are based largely on your success - but we do give you access to an extensive range of tools and an equally significant supplier-based network to facilitate your work.




The roles are region-based and your mission is to work with clients based in the specific region in which you are physically based. You will be linked to a specific regional office, but as your work often involves meetings with clients, you may determine your own work location.  You will need to have a reliable vehicle, have internet access, and be available daily by telephone.


Register your interest under the GENERAL heading HERE.








GROUPBUY DIRECT ("GBD") is establishing a growing range of categories that appeal to both the home buyer, and also to the commercial buyer. The role of the Product Manager is to determine the direction for a specific category - and involves interaction with:


  • GBD National HQ
  • Regional Offices based throughout New Zealand
  • Our growing number of Account Managers, and
  • Our global supply HUBS - including a variety of partnering manufacturers


It is essential that you are entrepreneurial, a self-starter, have an eye for detail, and be knowledgeable about your product category. Experience in import would be an advantage - but not critical to the role. An advanced ability to write effective online marketing materials is critical to the role - as is a well-developed ability to manipulate and understand numbers.


You will interact, on a daily basis, with our various global Supply HUBS; including offshore manufacturers and supply partners. You will map out the direction of product offers, and be fully knowledgeable in your selected category specialisation. Much of the work involves preparing, or validating PRODUCT OFFERS using our online tools, before authorising the release-to-market of approved items. There will be a requirement to attend to after-sales service issues - including arranging parts - as required, and liaising with our nationwide-repair network. Finally, you will act as a resource to our Account Managers - based throughout the regions of New Zealand.




You will have the following skill-set:


  • Deep knowledge of the category in which you are working
  • Well developed ability to write marketing materials
  • Numerical ability
  • Ability to understand and attend to compliance issues
  • Knowledge of internet-based sales, and ability to use online sales tools


The role is dynamic in nature, highly fluid, and fast-changing. You will need to be flexible and a execute at a rapid delivery rate. Speed is critical. The role comes with a huge opportunity to determine the selection of items within whole categories of goods.




We believe in transparency and rewarding those that deliver. Unlike traditional companies - you earn from EVERY SALE. The role is fully commission-based - and uncapped. You will have full access to all sales records in relation to the category under your management.




Although the role is largely self-managed - it does report to the "GBD" National HQ - and involves extensive contact with both our Regional Offices based throughout New Zealand - and our growing number of Account Managers.




You may work at a location of your choice - as the tools we provide allow for flexible work-arrangements. We support a decentralised work-force - and encourage you to work from the location that bets suits your needs. You will need internet access, and be available daily by telephone.


Register your interest under the GENERAL heading HERE and tell us something about the category area in which you have interest.

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