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GROUPBUY DIRECT uses technology to gather buyers around specific deals. We use our Group buying power to get the best price - meaning, we leave the deal OPEN until we gain the minimum number of people; to either manufacture the goods - or to start the shipping process to your location.


The Group Status Bar shows you what percentage of the Group has been formed to access that particular deal. Once the Group is formed - we show a value of 100%. At that point we can move into production. However, we may choose to leave the deal open for purchasing a little longer - if the container destined for your location is not completely full. So, watch the status of the deal - once it gets to 100% - we may close the offer off at any time.


Also, view the status of the container. We place items in each container from multiple manufacturing facilities - and once the container is full - we close the container doors and ship your purchased goods to you - which generally takes just under three weeks.


That's why we show you those two metrics - one for your specific deal - and one for the container in which your specific deal will be shipped. So, check out the manufacturing time for your order, and add the transit time for your container - and you will know the approximate delivery time to your location.

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