GROUPBUY DIRECT is borne from the heart of the New Zealand community. As we act as a group of unified individuals, and as we combine the strengths of individual organisations - we are able to achieve collective GROUP synergies. It is these synergies that allow us to challenge social norms in purchasing - whether for the home or the organisation.


Not only we do we put together special opportunities for community organisations to source the products you need to run your organisations - at close to cost-price, but we also provide you the opportunity to use our technology to FUNDRAISE.




1. Sign-up on the site as a community organisation. You will need to be an approved charity by the Charities Service and be in possession of a CC number, or an educational facility registered with the Ministry of Education

2. Enter the relevant information about your organisation and your cause 

3. We will provide you with a PROMOTION LINK, and access to PRODUCT LINKS throughout the site 

4. Promote these LINKS on your website, your Facebook page, other social networks, and in your regular email newsletters - and every time one of your members or supporters purchase an item - you earn - making fundraising so easy!
5. Finally, even if a buyer enters the site without having first clicked on one of your shared links - during the checkout process, we make sure they have the option of selecting your cause from a pre-populated listed of approved charities - including yours - ensuring you never miss out!



We understand time is short, and funds not easy to to raise - so we strongly suggest you to use our FREE technology to make fundraising EASY! So go ahead and create your community organisation profile by registering now - set up your causes and activate your PROMOTER LINK. You're going to love it!

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